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Bryan Associates Club「口紅のポートレイト」MV

CL:B.A.C to the Future Artist:Bryan associates club Cast : Bryan associates club / 野本早紀

Directed by:ピンクじゃなくても Creative Director/Edit:野江早杷子 Producer:千賀未来 Production Design:田島春 / 外間宏美 Director of Photography:橋本篤志 Art Director:ナカムラユカ Body Paint:サトリヒロミ Costume Design | Styling:月井友香 / すみれ Light:瀬戸詩織 / 藤原まどか / 上村なほ Camera Assistant:高橋史弥 First Assistant Director:御山千颯 Second Assistant Director:山本タミフル Hair Make:蔣一超 / 荒居紗恵 Assistant Staff:山本良祐 Color Grading:橋本篤志 / 野江早杷子 Title Design:ナカムラユカ


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